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Dog related product reviews, training tips, reader's photos, and a healthy dose of opinion.


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Hi there. I'm Tania and this is my blog. I share my home with my husband, my daughter, two Labrador Retrievers, and two cats. Scratch that. My pets share their home with us. My labs, Fisher and Lana, are the inspirations for this site as well as my chosen career as a dog trainer where I specialize in teaching people how to train their Family Dog. Before the birth of my daughter I also started and managed a very successful dog daycare program for a large New England dog kennel.

About Dog Gone Blog

After reading many dog-related websites I became frustrated at the lack of information available for the real, everyday dog owner. If you are, for instance, an urban apartment dweller who enjoys spending your days competing in obedience, flyball and agility, but then feels perfectly comfortable packing your dog up in a Louis Vuitton leather pet carrier with matching diamond-studded collar there are plenty of sites out there for you. However, if you are, like me, a person who loves your dog (or dogs, they're like chips. It's hard to stop at just one.) and enjoys buying them things they can really use, products that you won't be embarrassed owning or need to take out a second mortgage on your home for, then this is the site for you. If you are a city dweller, a suburban housewife, a single guy, a retired couple on your sixth dog, or a young family starting out with your first dog I think you'll find something here that you'll like.

As well as the product reviews, I think you'll also enjoy the tips on how to train and care for your dog, suggestions on places to recreate - both on leash and off - with your pet, book recommendations, stories of dogs around the world, and news that is relevent to you and your pack.

We hope you'll share your experiences and feel free to ask questions. Please email me at doggoneblog at yahoo dot com with your stories, suggestions, frantic questions about puppy biting, pictures, and the like. Our motto, after all, is Sit, Stay, Speak!


About the Dogs (because, really, it is all about the dogs)

Fisher (the yellow lab) - My sweet boy is four years old. It seems like only yesterday that we picked up that little, yellow furball from the breeder and brought him home, but not before he thanked us by throwing up in the car. Twice. In the years that have followed he has brought much joy, frustration, and dog hair into our lives. He was one tough nut as a puppy but after much, much, much on-going training he's become the lumpy couch potato he is today.

Fisher enjoys stealing socks, begging for cookies, dipping his toes in the water, and making us fetch his tennis balls. He is a Canine Good Citizen and we're currently working toward his therapy dog certification. We also dabble in agility where our instructors have labeled him a "bull in a china shop". There is nothing subtle about Fisher.

Lana (the black lab) - The dog that we rescued at one year old is now five. We are her third owners and she came with every problem that is usually associated with dogs put up for adoption. I have learned so much from this dog, the biggest thing being patience. I also had my first case of a dog with full-blown separation anxiety, dog/dog aggression, fear of strangers, and a dog reaching adulthood with very little training. Good times ensued. Because of her, the subject of proper dog socialization has been my cause and my crusade.

Lana enjoys, well, everything retrievers love: swimming, retrieving, playing frisbee, jumping, barking, digging, long walks on the beach and cuddling with that special someone.

The other stuff

The opinions expressed here are just that, opinions. Any opinion on this blog should in no way take the place of consulting your veterinarian, dog trainer, or an animal behaviorist.