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September 26, 2006



I love this post...I totally relate. (Of course, I'm the one who gets frustrated when, after 3 years, I still can't keep my fat beagle off the stupid coffee table!)


Sunshine Scribe

Oh he is unbearably cute. I can see why people call him perfect :)

Lumps of clay ... great analogy!


So when can I dog sit for you? Just kidding. I loved obedience class and I truly did work with my dog every day for months and months and she was great. Then I stopped. And she's no longer great. All my fault. I should take her to basic obedience again.

Dirty Birdie

Training my dog is the easy part, getting my lame brain husband to be CONSISTANT is the hard part. I put all this time into teaching our dogs to sit, stay and wait for "release" before ravaging the food bowls. What does my husband do pray tell???? He lets them run around his legs like maniacs while he dumps an 'estimated' measure of their food in their bowls. GAH!!!!

I think I need to find the husband training blog....

crunchy carpets

I did post something here and it vanished!
We haven't done obedience yet for Callie..but plan on it soon and it will have to include our entire FAMILY!

Dh doesn't know how to walk a dog
Adam screams and runs and now Callie thinks she is higher on the pack rung than he is.
Caity lets Callie lick her tongue.

You get the picture.

Like kids, you only get out what you put in.....


If you spend any time on my blog especially in the Puppy Training/Adolescence tab you'll appreciate why I love this post so much. Thanks for your perspective.

I forget every time my dogs do something that trys my patience that, they are only 18 months old, they are Labradors, that given all we've been through especially all my mistakes they are really quite awesome dogs!

Thanks for the reality check!!


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