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September 28, 2006



Another idea -- mashed potato flakes made with chicken stock, and frozen. Of course dog #3 didn't like it, but the others did. I also do Kong-like things to other stuff --- I stuff a rawhid roll (they can unroll alittle) when I want dog #3 totally occupied so I can blog, oops, I mean fold the laundry!


Huh. I never knew I was supposed to stuff the Kong with treats. Merlin wanted no part of the thing in puppyhood ... instead, one day while away, he chewed through the wall of my apartment. Lovely tunnel I packed full of newspaper and then painted to match the walls ... learned it from "Escape from Alcatraz" ... oh well. Next puppy will get stuffed Kong. Thanks!

Dirty Birdie

Okay where in the hell is my comment??? I posted it, I saw it on here and now it's gone. Argh!!

Anyway, I love the Kong. It was the only toy I could get for my Pitbulls that they didn't destroy in 30 seconds or less. My dogs loved peanut butter too. Kong rocks!!

Mrs. CPA

My Lhasa managed to chew the top bump off of every one of these we ever had. All those indestructible toys? Pete can destruct 'em. So we never left him alone with one, for fear he would choke. We got him a treat ball that he pushed around with his nose and treats or pieces of food fell out. It was made of hard plastic so he couldn't eat the ball, and it kept him occupied.

crunchy carpets

Thanks for all the Kong links..we bought one for Callie and she LOVES it...I will have to get a bigger one as she grows!

It is actually fun thinking up things to stuff it with and I have these chewy dog treats that act as the perfect stoppers.


The Extreme Kong is the ONLY toy my dog doesn't destroy in ten seconds flat. We've had her now for two years (this month is the anniversary!) and she's only gone through two Extreme Kongs. I'm sure she could eat the red Kongs for breakfast, though. I don't know what we'd do without that toy.


any advise on potty training a 11 wk old eng. mastiff? We take her to the door - outside - she will go -- but still does not go to door on her own?????

Joe the Dog Lover

I think I am a little behind on the train and I'll have to get one for my dogs.


Kongs are great and keep your dogs busy so that they leave you alone.

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Funny toys there. I love the durability of this one.Perfect for my pet dog who is very active and chew everything he sees and bump around.lols...

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