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October 23, 2006


crunchy carpets

I love our crate....
I could not imagine life without it really.

Callie was 'sort of' trained when we got her, but she has her 'quirks.'

One is...she don't like the bad weather and will do anything to not pee or poop outside in inclement weather.

I don't blame her..but too bad.

So after a day of her holding it and then doing sneek poops in my sons room after us walking her or shoving her out in the yard....

we went back to the crate.
In she stayed unless I took her outside for a pee break....then back in the crate.

We did this all afternoon till dinner time.


She also does revenge pooping and peeing....if she can't get into a room that we are in...she will do this.

Like when I am trying to bathe the kids.

So I either have her in with us or in the crate.

When I know people are coming to the door and it is going to be crazy..into the crate.

When we go out.
Into the crate...with the tv on for company!

So yeah....even a partially crate trained dog makes life easier and she never fusses tooo much either.

Liberal Banana

Great HSUS article. We did crate training at our last training class at the shelter and I learned the "sprinkling treats in and around the crate" trick. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that everyone who adopts from us does crate training.

Redneck mommy

Yes, Mrs. Chicky.

I got your message.

I bought a damn crate.

But he looks so sad in it.

However, if I don't happen to step in a surprise turd in the middle of the night while fumbling my way to the bathroom, it will all be worth it.

Mihail Asenov

Great article!
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I need to know how to get my puppy to stop peeing when she sees me. When i come home and she sees me she pees on the floor. I have tried not acknowledging her and going straight outside and nothing works. She just gets too excited.

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