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October 02, 2006


crunchy carpets

And we were just heading to the dog park.

We have been lucky so far and haven't had anything too freaky...but I always remember my friends mom...she came between a whippet and a Mastiff....she barely has use of her right arm after trying to stop THAT fight.

And just as an is my greatest peeve (as a new dog owner) to see owners not picking up on their own dogs cues as well as those AND the humans around them.

It is pretty clear when YOUR dog is the annoying and aggressive one.

It is just like parents and toddlers.


I got all scared when I read this post- but I'm glad I toughed through it because since we will be getting our new puppy soon, it is important that I know these things!


Ugh. This is one of my biggest pet-related fears. Unfortunately, I think I err on the side of caution by not putting my dog in situations with other dogs, which is counter-productive because now my dog lacks socialization. This is not to say she is never around other dogs, it's just not a regular occurance. For example, I refuse to bring her to a dog park. I just do not want to take that chance, and I think that's a very rational move on my part. But we go to regular parks all the time, with Roxie on a leash, of course. I also use a Halti on her, which seems to make her more submissive (though she freakin' HATES it). She was well socialized as a puppy, where she stayed for about 4 months with a foster family that had two other pit bulls (a male and a female). Today, Roxie does well with some smaller dogs, but acts questionably with dogs her size or larger (males and females alike). I am not totally sure if it's play or aggression sometimes. You mentioned that an erect tail can mean aggression--but what about a wagging tail? Does that always mean she's being playful, or can the tail sometimes wag even when a dog is being aggressive? Anyway, thanks for bringing up this issue.

Dirty Birdie

I had to break up a fight between my dad's boxer and another dog once. It happened so fast there weren't any warning signs. It went "sniff, sniff, growl...attack".

The other dog was the pet of a guest and as our boxer had never shown any signs of aggression it never occured to us to socialize them slowly. Our bad, TOTALLY. The dogs had never met before, both were alpha males and there were two female dogs in the house. It was a recipe for disaster looking back. Our boxer of course would feel threatened by another alpha male trespassing on his territory and messin' with his bitches.

I've seen dog fights get ugly and it's a horribly helpless feeling to see your dog hurting or getting hurt. As 'parents' we need to be prepared to deal with the situation calmly and correctly.

Great post!!


Thanks for the post and the links, Mrs. Chicky. I hope I never have to use this advice about breaking up fights but it is still nice to know.

I posted photos of Goldie's head over at
for the voyeuristically inclined (like me). Warning: it isn't pretty.


I kinda wish this post had been around when I was a teenager and took it upon myself to try and pry this teeny tiny baby Husky out of my mutt's didn't go over so well.


Our dearly departed dog was found wandering around, no pack or family in site, when she was a teeny, tiny puppy. I think she missed out on that socialization with other dogs that you mentioned because she was separated too soon.

She always acted wacky around other dogs. It's as if she didn't realize she was one of them. They scared the bejeezus out of her and she would hide behind us like a toddler while barking nervously. Poor girl :)

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