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December 02, 2006


Sunshine Scribe

This dogless geek who nonetheless reads regularly looks forward to it :)

Redneck mommy

Hey chicky, I need all the help I can get.

Apparently, my mothering skills for the four legged critters needs some help.

Probably for the two legged critters too, but let's not worry about them...

crunchy carpets

Still hanging around!
Hey...can you maybe do a bit about what to expect from puppy school or doggy training?

While I like the philosophy of the school I picked and the teacher is really nice..I feel like I am not her target audience.

And this is ironic being that I have the goofiest and loudest dog!

But all the stuff they are teaching....handling your dog..getting your dog used to be handled. Coming when called, not biting or being territorial over food and so on...well Callie already does that.

She has been manhandled by toddlers since her arrival. She has no problem being grabbed and sharing food and has no problem with leashes etc.

I feel like I am putting myself through an hour of stress a night for no real reason.

The stress is because she is waaay too excited by it all and so is my son who comes with me.

Plus it is me and my mutt and a roomful of designer dogs.

Any thoughts??


I'm not going anywhere. My dog is defective so I need the guidance. Or maybe I'm the defective one? That's something I have to seriously think about now...

Dirty Birdie

FYI - I had to pass on your advise to my cousin regarding her two fighting dogs. She had to implement the "wheel barrel" manuver to break them up and it worked great! Unfortunatley she now has to find a new home for one of her dogs as they just can not play nice together :(

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