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January 28, 2007



I know what you mean, but don't lose hope, writers block and the desire to do it comes and goes..good luck

Habca & Miriam

I wrote an extensive comment to this post last week. Did you delete it deliberately? Anyway, we would love to see you back, we recommended your blog in our blog and I know I am not the only one who keeps coming back in the hope for new posts and stories.

doggy mom

I need some fencing advice for a houdini canine. If it's chain link she climbs it, and if it isn't buried a foot in the ground she can dig under it. We have resorted to hot wire to keep her away from the fence line. We are limited by budget, but I was wondering if you have any opinion about underground invisible fencing?

jessica freeman


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Hi. Was just checking in to see how things are going...

I can imagine you come across alot of people who want an easy fix for their doggy's bad behaviors. That sucks. We took Abbeydog to training when I was pregnant. It was FUN to spend 20 minutes a day doing the "homework". It was fun going to class. (Abbey was the class social butterfly and brown-noser to her teacher.) Abbey enjoyed the attention and it was fun seeing her progress each week. And even years later, she still remembers quite a bit of it. (Except she's STILL horrible about that whole "sit to greet" thing. She's always been far too excited to sit still when she "meets" a new person.

The point of this, is that you might not feel it sometimes but your work brings alot of joy to thoe people who stick with the program and spend that time reinforcing the new behaviors. And not just for a few weeks but for YEARS afterwards.

Lea Go


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I Love you girls


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