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January 11, 2007



Glad to see ya back! :)

Redneck mommy

Dammit, Chicky.

He peed in the house again. And it's warm out. I'm about to hang him by his leash. And don't tell me to crate him. I do. He never pees in there. Just everywhere else.

A more stubborn male I have never met.

Dirty Birdie

Helllloooooooo?? {echo}

Is anybody out there??? Throw me a bone will ya??

Habca & Miriam

Hi there,
I love your blog, so I am glad your back. I recommend your site in my blog today and put a picture. Hope this is fine with you.
Miriam (from Berlin)

lea Go


Nice Posted! Its so very informative and knowledgegable for your visitors or readers.
Thank You for sharing.. Keep up the good work..

More Power,
Lea Coles

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