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June 06, 2007


Julie Pippert

That's a good point. Our dog was a little over a year when we had our first. It's a long story how it all worked out, but that was the situation. Knowing we would have a baby and young dog, we went to extra training and had a special training session about bringing home a baby with the dog. That was useful.

And we made sure he had a doggie activity every day, too.

I confess: we used a doggie day care.

I still miss that place.


I'm sure there'd be far fewer dogs in rescue and shelters if parents didn't get puppies with kids under the age of five.


Excellent advice. So many of those dogs bought for baby companions end up in shelters.

However if I may say a word for dogs who are socialized and part of the family when the baby comes. They can be taught to welcome the new baby and be an enriching part of the baby's and the family life.


I was glad we didn't get callie when she was teeny...4 months was bad enough!

But with the kids at 2.5 and 4.5 it wasn't too bad to 'train' the kids about respect and get Cal used to the kids...she is verrrry tolerant.

Caity does tea parties with her and plays doctor with her too!

Mommy off the Record

Great post. We got our dog three years before we had our son, but I wish we had waited. (Like, waited forever. j/k) But seriously, I think waiting until a child is at least 4 is a great idea - and for us, that would have meant waiting probably 10 years since we plan to have 2 or 3 kids. Hindsight!!

dog strollers

good point! thanks for posting this, it is very informative and i learned a lot from it.



Hello, I just stumbled upon your blog and appreciated what you had to say about raising a puppy and baby at same time. I do have a 13 year old who is insisting this is a good time to add a puppy to our family with a 8 month old child. Can you address that issue from her perspective with a gentle reminder of the huge obligation it takes to raise a puppy. We also have a 8 year old beagle. Any added words of wisdom would be so much appreciated. As you can tell, any added support to my argument that getting a puppy now is not a good idea.

God bless you, Rebecca Colucci


My husband and I had 2 dogs before we had our 1st born son. My 3 yr old cocker Spaniel stayed well away from him... her choice... and our 2 yr old border collie would lay next to him... her choice..

As my son grew the border collie would let my son crawl on her, take her toys and simply be around her. My cocker spaniel chose to stay away .
We've never had a biting incident from either dog in regards to our children. WE always supervise the dogs and the children.

My oldest is now 2 1/2 yrs old and my youngest is 7 months. WE are considering getting another dog in January when my youngest is a yr.

WE know well the patience and attention to detail it takes.
In response you your comment about the child climbing the bookcase and the dog getting your dinner...
well teach the child it is never ok to climb the bookcase, baby and puppy proof your house, don't feed the puppy table food and have a fenced in back yard to facilitate puppy potty training and alot of the stress is taken away...
It is all in how you approach the situation.

Although getting a puppy while having an infant or young toddler should never be done on a whim. Parents need to consider all the angles and be prepared forthe unexpected. Being informed is a necessity. Also having help....

Many people have more than one baby at a time or have babies within 12 months of each other and survive. People can surely survive having a toddler and a puppy...
It just takes patience and discipline.

Also how do you look at a dog... as an obligation or a part of the family? As a complication to your family plans or something easily remedied with a bit of planning?
Plan, be informed, don't get a puppy on a whim, research the breed, shop around, consult others,but you don't have to wait for yrs.

Have a nice day, thank you for the blog article


ABOVE POSTER TOTALLY HAS IT RIGHT. If the puppy is being brought in as part of the family, it is definitely doable. Also, if you are getting the puppy for your kids, stop and rethink. That's not the right attitude and maybe just stick with a cat when they are older. Puppies take a lot of ADULT time, and if you can go into it with that in mind, pick the right breed and look for a pup with the right disposition, it can be very rewarding.

how to train your puppy

hmn, this is true enough, 4 or 5 years old, could simply know the do's and don'ts already. I think this is the best age to have a puppy in the house.


Our 6 yr old rat terrier (a very gentile sweet calm terrier) bit our 18 mo old son. We did all the right prep when we brought the baby home. They appeared to be best friends for the first 6 months. Then, with every new phase of mobility our son would reach, the dog became less of his best friend. Such as crawling, walking, then climbing.
We never left them unsupervised. I was right there when the incident happened which caused an ER visit resulting in 14 stitches. Something snapped in the dog. No matter how trusted and loving they are they're still animals with primal instincts. The dog had to be re-homed (which the other alternative highly suggested by vets and other pros was to put her down). I miss her every minute of everyday, yet I know was the best decision for the safety of our son.
I believe every child and every dog is different. It is impossible to determine in advance when would be the best time to add a puppy or add a baby for that matter. You know your children the best.
I do appreciate reading everyone's experiences and advice. We are trying to decide how to re-introduce our son to dogs and if and when another one can be added to our family. Any comments and shared experiences appreciated.
Thanks so much,

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