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June 13, 2007


Julie Pippert

Thanks for opening this up to discussion!

Did I mention that they lock it outside, where it whines all night? Geez that's bee driving up crazy lately.

Our leash laws are strict and we have a volunteer animal control officer, who is really an animalist of the best sort.

That's a really good idea. She's humane.

I don't know *why* that didn't occur to me.

This is why opening it up is the best! Thanks!


Interesting topic! We had a similar problem with a neighbor's dog. It was perfectly nice, but it would hang out in our backyard or the neighboring yard (both are very large - grass and trees of 4 acres) and come running if the kids came outside. And he was a big dog. And toddlers are unpredictable. Our neighbors wouldn't do anything other than tell us to call when we saw the dog. Gee, thanks.

We ended up calling animal control. They set up a trap in our yard, but they were very humane about it. They would only leave the trap when we promised we would be home to constantly monitor it. It only took about 30 minutes anyway. Haven't had the dog in our yard once in the last 6 months. Now I don't feel so bad for doing it!

Julie - You'll have to update us if you find a solution.


I am glad to see this. I was going to email you, but thought this would be the answer.

Our problem is much bigger dogs, Pitbulls. Our direct neighbor has one tied up in his back yard. It has gotten loose once and ran up to me and my daughter when we went out to get our dog inside. It scared the bleep out of me. I called my husband, he has a better relationship with the neighbors than me, and told him to talk to the guy. It is a young man in his 20's. I, also, told him to make it clear that if the dog was caught off it's leash again I would call the SPCA.

We have a second Pitbull running loose across the street from us and they have a fenced in yard. It is not surprising, because they let their other dogs (I really dont know how many dogs they own) run free throughout the neighborhood. Our friends, who live down the street, think this Pitbull killed their small dog in their back yard.

I am scared to death to let my kids play in our backyard, even with me out there. We have large lots and not many people have fences. I would get one immediately, if we could afford $10,000. My husband tells me to just give commands, but let's be realistic, if a dog is chewing one of my kids' face off I dont think I could come up with a command.

I dont know if what I have heard about Pitbulls is true (they dont let go once they bite down), but they scare the hell out of me. I have been taught that you cant trust any dog, especially ones you dont know. I think it is rude for neighbors to not consider the other people living next to them.

I am going to call the SPCA and find out if there is anything that can be done about this situation. We have talked to most of the neighbors and their solution is not a pretty one, but it is the lay of the land out here. I would rather see these dogs get good homes that will look after their needs, instead of just running wild waiting to get hit by a car or worse.

Sorry so long.


I was going to say the exact same thing as what you're suggestions were.

After an "intervention" with said owner is tried and if it's unsuccessful, an animal control officer should be called.

If the legal owner then relinquishes their responsibility to this animal (because they don't have proof of ownership, shots, or don't want to pay the fee) then the other neighbour would be free to legally adopt the dog!

It's not a question of being out to get the neightbour really - it's about the animal's safety, and that's the most important thing. As a pet owner part of your "job" is to make sure that your animal is cared for - this animal is not cared for.
As cruel as it sounds, it's left to wonder where it could be attacked or run over... I think something needs to be done ASAP!!

P.S. LOVE the new design!


We have a dog in our neighbourhood whose owners let it roam free (despite leash laws and the like). It poops on our lawn, is not overly friendly, scares the kids, and digs through everyone's garbage.
Did I mention that this dog is a golden retriever? NOT A SMALL DOG!

Redneck Mommy

Man am I thankful the neighbour's Rottie is not only well trained but loves me and my little dog. I've got no advice for Julie (I will defer to your obvious expertise in the area.)

Love the new design.


Rrrgggh..there isn't much else to do really except to do the nice talk again with the caveat that the authorities will be called and the dog will be removed the next time it is in your yard...nuff said.

Our neighbour has a yappy little dog and LEAVES IT OUT IN THE YARD ALL DAY WHEN THEY GO TO WORK!

I feel soo sorry for this dog.

It never gets taken for walks..nothing.

And they chuck the poo over the fence!!!


When I was very young, there was a huge german shepherd named Zorro that lived down the street and he was not a nice dog. He escaped his yard frequently and would essentially head out down the middle of the street -- challenging cars even! -- and drive everyone who was out, in, out of fear. I don't know how it finally got resolved, but the dog did eventually 'disappear'.

I agree with your post: if the dog's owners won't/can't contain him and control him, they should lose him. Yes, call the authorities. It's not fair to anybody else in the neighborhood, including the dog.


As the mother of 4 dogs and 3 children, I LOSE MY SHIT over irresponisble dog owners... I am the crazy lady who stands in her driveway and yells, "Put that dog on a leash!" as people stroll by, 15 feet behind their dog, busy on their cell phones/i pod...

A dog shouldn't spend it's days locked in a kennel or in the utility room... get a trainer and get a system... dogs want attention and their people.


Hi welcome to our world!!I can't stand dumb pet owners.They keep them outside all day even in a subdivision/barking constantly/never look outside to check on them/Are they deaf owners?Can they tune that spine-wretching bark out that well?Loose dogs around here better watch out for me cause I call Animal Control on each one of them/follow them to see where they live/take lots of photos for animal control/build your case write down days/time you saw dog on your property/outside in general and when you know whose dog it is STILL call animal control.It's there job to write fines for nuisance animals even cats yes I've caught cats too with traps they animal control give you and I don't care.I pay mortgage and it's my yard 1 acre of weedy buginfested yard all mine.I have pretty plantbeds and spray animal repellant stuff on it safe to plants.Call your animal control now and stay on them they will help you don't get into it with the dumb owner cause they never see your side and they ignore animal laws like noise nuisance/leash laws.They also walk them around here on leash but don't pick up the poop so watch out your window after 10pm when its dark and they think you don't see them and run outside screaming trust me it'll scare the poop outta them and after a few times of this just hand them a bag and watch if they don't pick it up take their picture and call police for trespassing and file a complaint as well as let them know about animal control working with you.If you live ina subdivision then you have HOA to call and help you but animal control is best all the time.I've tried to be nice first but they don't care you can try to be nice too and sometimes put the poop on their porch and they'll get the message after they step in it a few times good luck I love animals but dumb people i don't

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