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August 08, 2007


doggy mama

That Buster Cube is awesome! One of the dogs who we walk at the shelter is obsessed with chewing everything - she even chews through Kongs! - and the Buster Cube is the only thing she can't get her sharp teeth through. Great toy!

Jane (Doggy Mama)

Julie Pippert

What is so awesome (in a good and bad way) is how many times I need to be reminded that how my dog (and children) behave is within my control. I make it sound like I don't know or act like that LOL. But those stumbling moments are the ones where clearly I forget. This is great advice!

Kongs last about an hour with my dog. He's one who used to love to chew wood too. We got the Kaleidoscope Bone (I'm pretty sure that's what it is) and he LOVES that and it has lasted!



Just so you know...I have been reading your blog and learning some new doggy tricks!!! Our Parker is doing much better!!!!


Bully Domain

Very Intresting Nice Dog BLOG........I say
“A dog is not considered a good dog because he is a good barker. A man is not considered a good man because he is a good talker.”

Kay Sullivan

Please give me some advice, my dog of 7 years all of a sudden is chewing my window frames and the door frames when we have had company and had to put him in the basement with our other 2 dogs. My house is being destoyed but I love my dog so much I just can't let him go.

Thank you so much.


We have a wood pile outside and our Boxer will select a small maple log to strip bare when we arent looking. It will take a lot of soap, but I think I'lll try the soap trick on him. Thanks!


I like the Irish Spring tip. Thanks.

Puppy Chewing Case Study

The best tip that I've read when correcting a chewing problem is this: Bust him while he's doing it in order for corrections to make any sense). Let him walk around and sniff about for a few minutes without interfering or paying him any attention; if possible, you can leave the room (but make sure you can still see him). Dogs have an acute sense of being watched, so you can pretend to occupy yourself by reading the paper, doing some cleaning, etc. As soon as his jaws close around an inappropriate item, swoop down on him with a loud, scary "Ah-ah-AAAAAHH!" (this is a more distinctive and startling sound to dogs than "no", because of the pitch of your voice. Loud, piercing, higher-pitched utterances will do more than a low and growly noise). As soon as he drops the item, substitute quickly with an appropriate toy: and AS SOON AS he takes it into his mouth, praise him exaggeratedly and give him lots of petting and encouragement. After you've repeated this process a few times, he'll get the hang of it.


Awesome! Thanks so much! I'll have to bookmark this page so I can reference back to it while I'm training him. Thanks again.

Flea Meds

Blog is so interesting. Chewing the wood is really a Amazing and questionable too...
That should be diverted to some other food product... It is so cute,...

Amy Buckman

Ok, I read your post on eating trees and twigs. What if the wood is your expensive bedroom furniture and your one year old rescue puppy just can't stop herself? She's totally ruined the bottom corners of all our bedroom furniture. She did it when she was real little and then stopped, but all of a sudden she's started again. We adopted her at 2.5 months, she's never been abused and she's RARELY totally alone. Help!!


I like the Irish Spring tip to...

Unfortunately, my dogs do aswell. They love to eat it! :S

So what I ended up doing was mixing in equal parts dish soap (non-antibacterial) and water, with a few dashes of cayenne pepper. I then applied it on the wood with a sponge. That did the trick! They actually ran away and started jumping like rabbits..hahaha!

Putting this in a spray bottle would probably be easier to apply.

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My 9 month old lab/beagle/border collie mix(yes I know- very high energy!) is a big time jumper. She can jump straight up about 7 feet and has stripped all of the bark off the lower part of our trees. She also launches herself and jumps at the door to be let in. How do I stop THAT behavior? I’m afraid she’ll come right through the glass in the door one of these days.

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Kenneth L. White

Great information. Especially the tip about the Irish Spring. Who would've thought! This is the kind of blog that more and more dog lovers need to read. I have a bunch of pages full of dog info also. If any of my readers need more answers that I don't have, i will definitelt send them to you! keep up the good work!

Lisa Lamarra

OK, I am going to try some of these suggestions but based on the fact that my dog chews on the wood of the door frames next to the door we leave everyday for work I think she probably needs psychotherapy!


My dogs eat wood and not only wood without any separation anxiety!

John Gallagher


I have a one year old Lab that also loves to chew wood. Over the past few months I have allowed him to chew on some rose bush roots I had dug up. Before reading your post on all the terrible things that can happen even with the smallest piece of wood entering the body I have allowed this behavior.

The roots are so hard and do not break up even after months of effort on his part though they have continued to get smaller so I thought we were ok. Do you recommend I take him in and report this to our vet? Based on the outside reading you provided it looks like we may not uncover anything anyway

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