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August 16, 2007



I have one that sits in the middle of the yard and barks into thin air at absolutely nothing. We think she might just like the way it sounds.

The other though - she would bark during her classes when she had to wait her turn. She was so excited to get to do the next activity, that she just barked and barked. My classmates hated us, the instructor loved it and said that she had never had such an eager dog in her agility class before. It was embarrassing, but man she had fun.


You're right it does take time and effort to train your dog to stop barking; it's an uphill struggle with 2 Schnauzers. Barking comes naturally to them, one always sets the other off, and then they try to out-bark each other!
I just can't understand people using shock collars - I know it can get frustrating at times when you can't stop your dog from barking - but zapping them is a bit extreme.

Julie Pippert

You make a good point: this is how my dog expresses himself. Humans gotta talk, dogs gotta bark.

He doesn't bark excessively or out of place, IMO. But then again, (a) I expect him to bark at times and he does, (b) I think he barks at appropriate times, and (c) when I tell him "all clear, quiet," he stops.

Just now the trash truck came by and that set him off.

Of course it would.

I thanked him for alerting me, told him yep, trash truck, okay, all clear and quiet and now he's laying beside me keeping a watchful eye out the window and an alert nose, in case some smell comes by. He'll go upstairs to his kennel in about 15 minutes for his morning nap.

However, I have zippo tolerance for barking at nap time b/c it wakes up the baby 100% and that chaps my hide. So sometimes? he gets to hang outside during nap because even one bark and she's up crying. That frustrates him sometimes. Join the club. LOL


Cara Fletcher

My dog is barking all the time and I needed some help for this problem.Thanks very much for those tips.I'll try this training and hope this would work.

Major Bedhead

I'm starting to revise my opinion of Sadie The Wonder Mutt. She barks when people come into the yard or pull into the driveway. She barks when she hears something outside at night - I don't mind that one at all, since I'm frequently alone until late at night. The only one that bugs me is the barking at the neighbour's dog, but since the neighbour takes her dog out in the evenings, I just take that as my cue to bring Sadie in off the run.


Mine barks at the fish in the fishtank when she's overstimulated. We're working on it but it makes me crazy, it's her default "I don't know what to do with myself" behavior. Fish don't belong in the house, I get it already.


My pup is really quiet. She gruffs at people who go by our door (we're in an apartment), and she gets a bit anxious about other people being out and about late at night on walks, and she'll bark playfully every now and then during playtime, but otherwise is perfectly quiet.... EXCEPT when she sees other dogs. She will bark HYSTERICALLY to get the to play with her. I'm nearly 100% certain she picked this up from her time at daycare and it is very frustrating and embarrassing. Even the tastiest of treats won't distract her from wanting to play with the other pup.


I too am alerted to every jingle of a dog's collar (and possible playmate) but, never a peep for the UPS guy, mailman, guy wearing an all black sweater and mask carrying a tire iron (okay - this hasn't happened but I know she would be fine with him - unless he brings a dog.)


Do your neighhbors dogs even bother you? Here is a poll:

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Dog training collar can be really helpful for many dog owners. The best way to use it is only when the dog is doing unwanted or undesirable behaviors that you do not want them to do.

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My dog is barking all the time and I needed some help for this problem.Thanks very much for those tips.I'll try this training and hope this would work.

Clicker Trainer

I agree that working on barking can be time consuming. There are so many triggers and chances for the dog to bark.

Thanks for your great blog. Keep up the good work!

Dog Training Maryland

I don't think you can give enough treats to teach a dog not to bark. THe barking is self rewarding behavior.


I have 5 dogs and 2 of them are puppies and they seem to bark and nothing, i never thought about them shock collars but them collars that spray a mist which dogs hate, i have thought about buying them. My dogs bark when they are bored, can't blame them at times, but they can be very annoying too.

Pet Stroller

I think barking is natural to dogs...They are born to bark...but too much barking gets our ear we need them to stop for a mean time...Thanks for those tips it help us a lot in our problem regarding our pet too much barking...


Arrow, a terrier, used to just sit and bark at me. A trainer from Bark Buster came over and showed me how to stop it. I had to stand up and say BAAA in a sort of growl-- that is their equivalent for no-- If Arrow ignored me, which he did at first, I had these little chain things to toss near his feet. I only had to do that once or twice. After that I could just stand up. The barking ended that day. Other things have not been so successful.

Deefor's mom


My dogs are constant barkers. Sometimes I think they bark at a leaf dropping outside. Thank you for the information!!


hi -just found and enjoyed your blog. I appreciate your sensible, humane approach. "Dogs bark"; truer words were never typed. We take care of a lot of dogs and barking is by far the hardest behavior to correct. We're (always) working on it.

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the fact is, a dog is going to bark. that's part of what they do. it's just a matter of teaching them manners and the appropriate times to leave it alone

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This is a really cool site. My dog doesn't have the barking problem but my neighbour's sure does!

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the truth why dog bark irritatingly is because they saw something unnatural or they are hungry or even when the owner doesn't want to have play with his dog.

Airell Dior

My dog barks all the time when he is on the street - he barks on people, dogs and cats whatsoever...

Denver Lorena

The Dog

you can tell that she thinks of you as her

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