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August 16, 2007


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Barking can be quite stressful, but I think it mainly comes from stress for the dog. We have a Corgi, and though they are a high strong breed, she is the first one that we've ever had who barked constantly. She is troubled by the slightest noise. Its like she has to alert us to anything out of the normal. And she's afraid of ALL cleaning supplies ;)

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Exceptional blog post, good job will surely recommend this to my dog lover friends


It definitely takes time and effort to train dogs to not bark all the time! I'm still working on mine! I do my best to give her plenty of attention, playing with her and some toys and taking her outside often, and that helps reduce the barking.

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It sound a bit funny to me, but i think that it is really a big problem for all dogs owner to stop their dogs from barking. I think we should let them bark as it is there natural habit to bark on things that sound suspicious to them. By the way nice post.


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Dogs bark, my friends, it's part of that inherent dogness I keep talking about, but that doesn't mean we have to live with it.

Connor Keating

My dog mostly barks when he's bored and since I like to keep a tidy place all of his toys and dog accessories have their place which is not the floor. And you can imagine how funny it is for your dog to start barking at 3 a.m. because he wants to play with one of his toys.

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I just can't understand people using shock collars - I know it can get frustrating at times when you can't stop your dog from barking - but zapping them is a bit extreme.

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I appreciate your sensible, humane approach. "Dogs bark"; truer words were never typed. We take care of a lot of dogs and barking is by far the hardest behavior to correct. it's just a matter of teaching them manners and the appropriate times to leave it alone

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Interesting post, thanks for sharing.

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