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August 10, 2007


Pet Care

Hey! This boy is taking the toy on his mouth.
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Designer Dog Collar

He really knows how to bite.... Ooouch..

Joe the Dog Lover

I think that is hilarious. My dog would tear them up.


Cute kid. I would rather have the bush one.

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Very nice toys.This boy is taking the toy on his mouth.These toys will contain some lead which will be very dangerous....


*giggle* that i would've asked for if I thought of it before this. but now, i'm just highly entertained


that is too good. good for whoever made that!

Political Promos Blogger

Haha love the Bush chewtoy!


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Cute post!

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genius! so funny :)

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It looks like George Bush chew toy

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it looks like George Bush chew toy and baby loook so sweet

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