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August 30, 2007


Dog Food Forum

Thanks for the information. This will come in handy.


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My name is Lilia and I am the proud owner of a Tea-cup Chihuahua. She has been a great addition to our family. My husband and I elected to have one child, Ethan, our other pride and joy. Therefore, we decided to give him a sister, Mia, our chihuahua. We have had other breeds of dogs with many anger and behavioral problems. I cannot say enough good remarks about this breed of dog. She is a true princess and a wonderful delight, so much, we named our store after her. Please come and visit when you need clothes for your cat or dog: Mia's Pet Boutique

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Thank you for sharing this little note of information. I really enjoyed reading. :-)


that is sad. oddly enough my sister's name is marika. but no dog for her. that kind of stuff really messes with dogs though


Poor baby. The truth is, going through something like that messes with a dog who hasn't been through anything. The first time they're away from mom and dad, especially if it's not just one person they're staying with, there's a thought that passes through that says what if they're not coming back for me


I am genuinly surprised that you got that far without incident. I mean with abused dogs and neglected dogs, it's usually evident from the beginning.


My sister's name is Marika, which is really uncommon. But also, he finally got a stable home and then he was probably freaking out that oh my gosh you were leaving him too


My dog Ham had real bad separation anxiety but I got this CD that I play when I leave my dog a lone and so far he has been a lot less crazy and my couch is no loner being ripped to shreds. Every one should check this out it worked great for me


This is a great post. My little Chihuahua Teddy is having separation anxiety issues my wife and I are trying to work through.

I read another great post on dog separation anxiety yesterday on - take a look

I think working with a dog to train him through the process is key., Leave the house for a bit to test him, try a webcam to keep an eye from the neighbors house.

Somethings got to work - until then I'm gonna keep on trying :)


Separation anxiety is available all around the world for dogs !

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BZ Mom

I've read that a crate can help your dog feel secure ( Do you think this is a good idea? Part of me thinks that it's a bit cruel, but maybe I'm thinking like one of those "spoil your dog rotten" people. Do you think there is any middle ground, like having a crate available, but leaving it open, so the dog can use it if they want to?

Thanks for such great information.


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Dog Fan

nice post.
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I get separation anxiety when I am separated with my family for more than a month.

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Haven't experienced that in quite a while since I am always with people that are close to me. I hope I won't experience it again.

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When you experience separation anxiety it feels like you haven't seen the person for a very long time and it really hurts inside.


My recommendation is to leave her with one person instead of shuffling her thru different people. Find a dog boarding company that doesn't kennel the dog and will respect your wishes in how she is cared for like playing, walks and feeding, etc..
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